Although we live in a world of technology, many people are still unfamiliar with the exact function and usage of and the correct procedure to operate a jukebox. A jukebox is a partially automated music-playing device, usually a coin-operated machine, that plays a selection of music from a self-contained music library. The classic jukebox has buttons etched with letters and numbers that, when entered in combination, can be used to play a specific selection.


Jukeboxes, although highly popular back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, are still a classic form of entertainment today.


Digijuke is an entertainment company dealing specifically in Jukebox Hiring; the company is located in Sydney. We provide Jukebox Hire for all kinds of parties and events. We provide state-of-the-art Digijuke Karaoke Jukeboxes to clients across The Sydney Metro Area. We have various offers, deals, and options depending on the size of the party, the type of event, and your requirements in terms of the number, size and type of jukeboxes, etc.


In order to get a specific quote for a jukebox hire, you can visit our interactive website: www.jukebox.com.au. All you need to do is to complete the given form and we’ll get in touch with you and give you a detailed quote specific to your requirement. We typically respond to our customers within 48 hours. To be able to get your quote faster, give us a call during our business hours and one of our qualified representatives will be happy to assist you with all your queries.


It’s a well-known fact that no party is complete without some great music! And what better way to provide your guests with the best music than by hiring a classic jukebox? When putting on an iPod dock, or music streaming app a very limited choice of songs and quality is available. While some guests will no doubt be happy with this, others may cut the party short due to boredom. The best strategy to avoid such issues is to hire a jukebox.


With thousands of Songs available, everyone will be sure to find their favorite tracks and play them. The right songs can keep people entertained for hours on end. We provide jukeboxes for rent at affordable prices to ensure your guests stay entertained throughout the event. Whether you’re looking for jukebox hire in Sydney metro, Windsor, Camden or Penrith, we are sure to find you the perfect deal.


We provide the best prices and the biggest variety of music compared to all our competitors. You won’t find the same variety and choice of songs anywhere else, and our collection is unmatched, especially the latest. Even our karaoke songs provided in jukeboxes are superior in comparison to any other music hire companies. 



Our Aim

Our Aim is to provide the best and only the best for our clients. Of course, we go beyond that, but we are famous for providing these quality services: loud machines, competitive prices, karaoke, a great music selection, great customer service, great acoustics, and timely delivery and setup.


We provide the following facilities with our jukebox hire Sydney services:

  • All jukeboxes are delivered in a timely manner and installed by our highly trained and competent staff members. One of our team members is present throughout the event if requested, in case of any maintenance needed on-site, or if you want someone present to help your guests select and play songs.
  • Our jukeboxes are easy to operate. We specifically ensure that our jukeboxes are user-friendly so everyone can operate them easily. So whether it’s your father’s sixtieth birthday, or your teenage son’s sixteenth, everyone at the event will be able to use our jukeboxes easily.
  • Each jukebox contains over 20,000 certified hits. We understand that everyone’s music taste differs from that of others. People of every age, race and ethnicity have different tastes in music. We try to incorporate everyone’s likes and preferences in our large collection of songs to ensure all our clients are happy and are able to find something they love humming to!
  • You also include over 4000 karaoke tracks in the jukebox with 4 microphones. For all those enthusiastic singers out there. Karaoke is also a great and fun way to spruce up a dull or quiet party.
  • You have many options for choosing tracks and you can categorize tracks by decade, or in alphabetical order by artist name or song title.
  • All songs are displayed in the order in which they are programmed.
  • We realize that some songs may get monotonous after a verse or two or you may want to get through all the songs in one night! We also understand that you may want to replay your favorite song repeatedly, or pause it while you go to get a drink. Therefore, all our jukeboxes have the option to pause, cancel or repeat the same song as many times as you like.
  • When you’re in the middle of a great dance beat, it gets frustrating to wait even a few seconds for the next song to begin playing. With our jukeboxes, songs play within a second of the previous one ending, so you won’t have to wait more than a single second to continue enjoying and dancing at the party.
  • Our jukeboxes come with a high quality stereo sound. You can play the music as loud as you want, without the sound being disrupted. We provide 200 watts RMS quality stereo sound.